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Colin DeLap, HIS

Meet Colin DeLap, a dedicated Hearing Instrument Specialist at Empire Hearing & Audiology in Vestal, NY. Colin has a profound commitment to improving lives through better hearing.

A graduate of Mansfield University of Pennsylvania in 2012 with a major in Music, Colin’s journey into hearing care was inspired by his own recognition of hearing loss. Fueled by a desire to make a difference, he became a hearing care provider, driven by the goal of helping others navigate hearing impairment challenges.

Colin’s clinical specialties include acoustics, pitch, music, and sound dynamics, reflecting his unique expertise at the intersection of hearing and music. A key highlight of his career has been actively participating in local hearing missions, providing valuable assistance to the community. He is a proud member of the Hearing Loss Association of America and advocates for causes like the American Red Cross.

Passionate about making a positive impact, Colin’s goal is to enhance the quality of life for everyone by promoting better hearing. His favorite aspect of the job is witnessing the transformative effect on individuals’ lives, both during the initial stages and follow-up visits after hearing treatment.

Residing in the region for 35 years, Colin finds joy outside of work in the company of his wife and two kids. A music enthusiast, he enjoys playing the piano and drums, actively engaging with the music community to discuss and raise awareness about hearing health.

Hearing Instrument Specialist Colin DeLap brings expertise, passion, and a commitment to making a positive contribution to the world of hearing.

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