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Misophonia Treatment


Reviewer: Diana Callesano, AuD
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What is Misophonia?

Misophonia, literally the Greek word for “hatred of sound,” is a chronic condition in which common sounds provoke an extreme and often emotional reaction. These common sounds— usually those made by others— include throat clearing, yawning, chewing, swallowing, and even audible breathing.

The intensity of the emotional reaction will vary greatly. Some people may experience mild annoyance and irritation, while others will experience extreme rage. Those who suffer are aware that their reactions are disproportionate to their triggers but are unable to temper their distress. Unfortunately, this can often cause sufferers to feel out of control and helpless. It can also affect their ability to complete everyday tasks and engage in social interactions.

Treating Misophonia

Because misophonia is a condition that is not widely known or spoken about, many who suffer do not know where to turn. Luckily, audiologists and psychologists can help.

Various sound therapy protocols and counseling therapies have shown success in mitigating symptoms.  

Sound therapy has been shown to be an effective option for retraining reactions to certain noises. By reducing the brain’s perception of these triggers, the offensive sounds are neutralized and therefore are less distressing. This type of therapy comes in different forms such as sound-producing apps and/or ear level sound-generators. Ear-level maskers tend to be the most effective and viable option since they are discreet yet allow for mingling noises to be played into the ears continuously.

Through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), individuals can learn to better understand their reactions to triggering sounds as well as develop coping strategies to manage these negative reactions.

Seek The Care You Deserve

If you are experiencing misophonia, please know that there is help, and there is hope.  Book an appointment today.

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